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  • Danville, PA - 20 Wesner Lane 17821
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  • (570) 275-2684 | Danville, PA - 20 Wesner Lane
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John D. Rinehart, DMD, Danville, PA Dentist - Meet Our Team


At Dr. John D. Rinehart's, ensuring comfort and providing quality services are our top priorities. Our staff aims to provide you with caring support and individualized treatments to make your dental experience comfortable and anxiety-free.

Dr. John D. Rinehart takes pride in his knowledgeable staff.  For example, Expanded Function Dental Assistants are highly qualified dental professionals who work very closely with Dr. Rinehart's patients.  The EFDAs go through extensive training to perform valuable services, such as composite restorations and temporary crowns.

 Dr. Rinehart Amy H.
 Dr. Marr Jenn B.
 Dr. Murdock Patti F.
 Christine C. Courtnie B.
 Bernae E. Trish D.
 Julie M. Lyndsey B.
 Linda S. Kim W
 Kaitlyn R. Brandi S
 Sarah S. 









We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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