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 Our office has installed the GALILEOS three-dimensional (3D) x-ray imaging system. Conventional images taken in most dental offices are two-dimensional. Cross sectional or 3D images make the placement of implants safer, more predictable and more accurate. The GALILEOS 3D system generates a three dimensional model of the patient's jaw on a computer screen and the surgery is performed virtually before the procedure even starts.       

The GALILEOS 3D diagnostic system is a cutting edge dental technology that delivers superior quality images of your teeth with one of the lowest dosages of radiation. Dentists love GALILEOS because it helps them make a diagnosis quickly, easily, and accurately. 3D scans capture much more data than traditional x-rays. This scan gives Dr Rinehart an in-depth picture of your jaw, mouth, and teeth. He uses this information to determine whether cavities, abnormal growths, or other dental conditions exist--especially conditions that aren't evident from a traditional 2D panorex x-ray.

3D imaging enables Dr Rinehart to measure bone density, which is essential for placing dental implants. To determine whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants, one of the primary things Dr Rinehart must evaluate is the thickness and quality of jaw bone. This is important because dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw. The jaw must be dense enough and healthy enough for implants to be possible and successful. With 3D scans, Dr Rinehart can gauge the thickness of bone structure to determine what size dental implants are appropriate for you mouth. In essence, the more information Dr Rinehart has about your mouth, the more precise and natural looking your implants will look and feel.

One of the best things about the GALILEOS 3D imaging system is how comfortable it is for patients and how quickly it delivers comprehensive information to Dr Rinehart. It requires a patient to stand still for about 15 seconds while it travels around your head and captures about 200 images. That's it! It then takes about 10 minutes for the the computer to reconstruct the data and provide Dr Rinehart with high resolution images. If you have ever had a panorex taken, your experience with GALILEOS won't be much different. By having this technology available in our office, we don't have to send our patients elsewhere for scans, thereby making it more convenient and cost-effective.

If you are considering dental implants, you have come to the right place. Less than 1% of dentists in the USA use GALILEOS, but we do because it is important to us that you receive the most accurate diagnosis and the highest quality of dental restorations possible. We are committed to providing our patients with the absolute best care possible.




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“All my life I wanted beautiful straight, white teeth. At the age of 39, I had braces and still my teeth were too small and discolored. You told me veneers would greatly improve my smile. It took only two painless visits and my teeth were gorgeous. It took 66 years, but now I have the smile I always wanted.”

John D

“After only one visit, I'm very confident that this was the best choice for a new dentist. The staff is more than friendly; that's so important to me. I feel that my needs are in very capable hands. Perhaps, I may even look forward to going to the dentist! ”

Steven C

For the last 10 years I have been a patient at Dr Rinehart's. My teeth were in a degraded state when I first arrived but over the years Dr Rinehart has provided me everything from routine maintenance to porcelain and gold crowns and he has done so with speed, technical quality and caring comfort that leaves other dentists in the dust! Dr Rinehart is a genius of some kind-he restored my smile! Also, I am not an easy patient to have as I abhor dental pain of any kind and my teeth seem to be extremely sensitive to most instruments-I may even be called a "Scared y cat" as I am genuinely nervous even during a cleaning-but the team of good folks in Dr Rinehart's office-Karen, Chris, Julie, Sarah, Mindy to name a few, are truly compassionate and fun people. They function almost as a family and obviously have fun while working hard for their patients-there is love in that office. They are truly gifted care-givers!

Specifically, I had a severely cracked tooth that simply shattered below the gum line and I was faced with the choice of a bridge OR an implant. I only know one thing about bridges for tooth repair....people complain endlessly about the accumulation of food. For me the choice was obvious-I had to have an implant! Chewing is terribly important to me as I had lost the sense of smell as a child and the tactile pleasure from chomping down on a good steak or munching on a caramel apple is a BIG DEAL to me-a source of much pleasure!! An implant is a good investment in not just dental health but worry-free eating! Folks, thanks to your efforts and Dr. Rinehart's magical touch - NO SWELLING & NO PAIN... In truth, I was actually scared about this implant as drilling into one's jaw sounds like a 2 week vacation to North Korea! Frankly, I am amazed - - I filled the prescription for the Tylenol and took 2 before bed as a precaution - even though I had no pain... and awoke the next day to nothing unusual. This implant is undetectable. It feels as at home in my mouth as my molars! Dr. Rinehart is a genius - I am in disbelief as to how innocuous and pain free the entire procedure was and the lack of follow-up pain and complications! Please feel free to use this as an implant testimonial for all your other scaredy-cats like me!

Did I mention that I am squeamish about all procedures?
Dr Rinehart and the angels of mercy that work with him made it unbelievably painless-It was a very simple process that is well planned and reviewed. The outcome is a beautiful tooth that stands up to the normal rigors of dental activity!

In closing I heartily recommend dental implants as a viable solution and Dr Rinehart as the care giver par excellence! Again many thanks to his loving and caring staff!

Greg B.

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