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Pre op instructions

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Pre-Operative Instructions

The patient may not have anything to eat or drink (including water) for eight hours before the scheduled appointment.

  • Prescription medications should be taken as scheduled, unless directed otherwise by the Anesthesiologist with only a sip of water.
  • No smoking for at least 12 hours before surgery. Ideally, cut down or stop smoking as soon as possible prior to the day of surgery.
  • A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and drive the patient home.
  • The patient should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for 24 hours following anesthesia.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing with either short sleeves or sleeves which can be rolled up past the elbow and flat shoes.
  • Contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures must be removed at the time of the procedure.
  • Do not wear lipstick, excessive makeup, or nail polish on the day of the procedure.
  • Bring a light jacket, sweater or blanket for recovery.
  • If you have any change in health, especially the development of illness such as a cold, fever with congestion of the nose and/or chest, sore throat, stomach please notify the office immediately.
  • For Children: A parent or legal guardian should directly supervise the child for a minimum of 24 hours after the procedure.
  • For Women: If there is a possibility that you are pregnant or you are TRYING to become pregnant, please inform your dentist-anesthesiologist immediately.

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