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Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Piezo ultrasonic scalers allow plaque and tarter to be removed quickly and easily from the tooth surface without as much “scraping” of the tooth with a metal scaler. It allows more comfort for the patient during their cleaning appointment. The piezo scaler distributes ultrasonic vibrations to blast tarter off the teeth. Water flows out of the tip's end to wash away debris and keep the scaler from overheating. 

You might be interested in an ultrasonic cleaning if:

You have a large buildup of tartar. Over time, the bacteria and plaque in your mouth form hard deposits of tarter on your teeth leading to tooth decay if left untreated. Unfortunately, your toothbrush isn’t going to help once tartar has formed – only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove calculus from your teeth.

You have periodontal disease. Ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove tartar from under the gums as well. As plaque creeps beneath the gums, it forms pockets of tarter that attack the surrounding gum and bone. The result is gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. Scaling is usually the first type of gum disease treatment used to battle periodontal disease, and it can easily be performed with an ultrasonic scaler.


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